Saturday, July 11, 2009

Setting up FeedBurner with Blogger

I decided to integrate FeedBurner with my blog. I've looked at FeedBurner some time in the past, just out of curiosity, and liked its RSS traffic analysis tools quite a bit. Since now I have a lil' blog to mess around with, I might actually make use of it. First of all, why FeedBurner? It allows the OCD control freaks like moi to know exactly when, how and how many people subscribed to their RSS news feed, so you can brag that your blog has "captured the hearts and minds of dozens, nay, severals of Internet viewers". All you need is to "burn" your existing feed on FeedBurner, then tell Blogger to redirect all feed requests to FeedBurner's feed. Here's how I've done it.
  1. Went to
  2. Logged in with my google account
  3. Entered my blog's URL in the field:
  4. Blogger generates two news feeds Atom and RSS, I picked Atom as my source:
  5. Chose a human-readable feed address for the new "burned" feed:
  6. Clicked "Next":
  7. Enabled extra tracking features and stats (OCD, remember?):
  8. Entered FB's URL into "Feed Redirect URL" field under Blogger's Settings -> Site Feed tab:
And it's done! Now anyone who subscribes to the RSS/Atom feed will be automagically redirected to the FeedBurner's feed.