Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Multiple time zones in Google Calendar

Imagine this: you're in Jakarta when client from Kuala Lumpur requests a conference call at 3 pm. You start thinking: "Is it 3 pm their time or yours? Must be theirs. What was it again in local time? I know there's an hour difference, but are they ahead of me or behind? I think they're one hour ahead, but better double check..." If you work with clients in different timezones you probably familiar with that scenario.

Luckily, Google Calendar takes care of this problem quite nicely:
  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Your current time zone
  2. Set your primary time zone if you haven't done so yet
  3. Check "Display all time zones" for full list of time zones
  4. Click on the "Show an additional time zone" link to add another time zone

  5. Chose you additional time zone from the list
  6. Enter your custom labels

  7. Save changes, and your appointments will have a nice label for each time zone next to them: